Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cantwell, Alaska - Flag Stop

319.5 CANTWELL • A small settlement and starting point of the Valdez Creek gold mining district.

This is another railway flag stop and since no one was out waving a flag, we did not stop.  Makes sense to me!  Population is about 222.  It is located in the Denali Borough.  Alaska does not use a county system.  There is a 'before Cantwell' and an 'after Cantwell' photo to show you that this town is in the middle of the forest.

Housing in the back ground.
 This is the depot and it looks like there is a place to fix or store train cars.
 The Cantwell Lodge
 and the Longhorn Bar and Cafe.
 Put the Cantwell Bluegrass festival on your calendar for July.
 And...back to pine trees and snow covered mountains.
At this point I was sitting on the right side of the train.  The housing was on the left side.

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