Monday, May 20, 2013

Denali, Alaska - Denali Princess Lodge

I know that I have photographs on other cameras but I want to get this post started with the photos available now. I will likely update this as I find other pics and will send notification that this post has been updated.

The main lobby.

The front desk.  Great outline of Denali backlit.
 The lower level.  Coffee shop, sandwiches, snacks, gift shop.  Plenty of seating at tables and couches.  Wifi available at the Lodge.
 Other stores across the street with easy access.  They turned the crossing signal "on" during the second day.  Time to allow the tourists to cross safely.
 The bus from Denali Park...this should be interesting.
Notice that it is light outside. It was ALWAYS light out side. I couldn't stay up or waken in time to see actual darkness.

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