Saturday, May 18, 2013

Alaska - Seward Highway and Turnagain Arm

As we continue north from Girdwood, we are in Chugach National Forest.  The trees on the side of the road were killed when the earthquake washed salt water in to the area.

 The Chugach Mountains

 Several small towns are in the area, such as the small skiing village of Bird and Indian.
 I was seated on the right side of the bus and took this photo of the Turnagain Arm out the left window. Turnagain Arm is one of only about 60 bodies of water worldwide to have a Tidal Bore.  This area has the largest tidal range of 30 feet, the fourth highest in the world.  The resulting mudflats have a lot of silt and can be very dangerous due to the quicksand effect.  This area is under consideration for power generation from tidal power.

By the way, a "tidal bore" is a tidal phenomenon in which the leading edge of the incoming tide forms a wave or waves of water that travels inland against the direction of the bay or river's current. (Source: wikipedia)

The tide comes in and out so fast that boats and people can be caught.
 An example of the few buildings in the area.
 Pan for Gold!!

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