Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dalian, China - Jiuguang Dalian Department Store (Part 3)

More views of the linens and things

 I finally came to the floor targeted by the tour guide as our destination.
 Oh, wow, this is very high end.

 I spotted a section on chopsticks and took a few photos.  These are wooden and capped in silver. Very pretty.

 It was at this point that someone walked over and told me "no Photos".  FINE.  I put away the camera and left. I did stop on the first floor to check out the bakery and was thrilled when I saw what looked to be a chocolate croissant.  FINALLY, I found some chocolate.  I purchased and confirmed with the man that it was chocolate.  No, it wasn't. It was bean curd.  My tastebuds were not happy and refused to be open minded about the treat.

Back on the bus, I spotted some large window advertisements.

 We rounded the front of the building and I took one last photograph of the fancy entrance.
This is the end of my China department store adventure, and my China adventure overall.  The bus now returned to the ship.  One last look...

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