Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dalian, China - Rice, Veggies, Fruits and Fish

Wow, it would take a hand cart to move a bag of rice home.  Can you imagine what someone who is used to shopping in this store thinks when they visit the local neighborhood store in your town ... and sees the tiny bag of rice. Is this part of "all the rice in China"?  There is a LOT of rice.

I saw all of this open meat and thought that this just wouldn't make it with the watch dogs in the US.  Open cuts and exposed to the every day person. 
 Beans and lentils by the ton?
 More eggs, white speckled, dark little ones. and brown (free range?) eggs.
 Spices in the background, no idea about the yellow things.
 Meats!!  Made my little Saran Wrap head spin.
 Peppers and who knows what else.
 Fruit.  I recognize the strawberries.
 Pears. Our stores have them in the little stretchy bags sometimes.
 Ohhh, no... We are crossing the aisle in to the fish area.  The guide warned to watch your step as it gets very slippery in here.  Oh, great, fish stuff on my travel shoes.  So we start with whole fish.

 Shell fish

 Fish under glass with glaring light bulbs.  Looks like the low watt smaller bulb save on your power cost hasn't quite reached this area.
Hard at work cleaning something.
By this time I am spinning around like a whirling dervish, looking one way, snapping pictures another, and trying not to slip on the fish stuff and get it on the seat of my traveling road warrior slacks.

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