Friday, May 10, 2013

Tokyo, Japan – Sensoji Temple (Part 1)

Tour Guide Sue distributed notes with the following written in Japanese: “Please take me to the Diamond Princess at Yokohama Port.”  It was also written in English for our benefit.  She said that her boss told her to give this to us in case we were lost at the next stop and missed the bus back to the ship.
Warning taken and understood.  And as we looked at the lower street gate, I was not surprised to see huge crowds. She pointed out that this was the shopping area and that there were many enticing side streets, which made it very easy to get lost…and miss the bus back to the ship.  Again, warning taken and understood.  Stay on the main drag, pay attention to the time and don’t miss the bus!
The bus dropped the group off about a block from one of the side entrances to the Temple grounds.  The entrance was a brilliant red gate and I was instantly in love with a place that had so much red.

Inside were eye delights. Colors and different sights everywhere.  I saw the extra entrance gate with white purification papers dangling (need to put those at my gates at home) and some white lanterns or barrels of some sort.

Sue stopped at this point and stated the time verbally and also showed us a written page with the meeting time.  No confusion: we were to be back at this spot in one hour and fifteen minutes.  We could follow her or go off on our own.  I looked at the map in hand and sized up the actual grounds and decided to take the camera for an independent walk.  I set the iPhone with a fifteen minute warning so that I wouldn’t miss the bus and headed towards the main red Temple, with its huge lanterns on the front.  You could not miss it.

The building has a very smooth red coat of paint, with gold and black accents.  Steps take you to the entrance.

As I approached the steps, I saw a huge green container and a stack of green barrels.  I have no idea how these are used but will research when I am home and report back.

[continued on Part 2]


Ginan said...

and I'm assuming that you caught the bus on time...

Ladee said...

Oh yes! I was there in plenty of time, enjoyed a hot tea and juice drink from the vending machine, and took photos of people while I waited for the rest of the group. I was NOT going to miss the ride back to the ship.