Sunday, September 7, 2014

London, England - Hop On Hop Off Overview (1 of 2)

The tour buses provide a great way to get around and see the city.  There are multiple companies who provide the tours and the routes are all about the same. The frequency may change.  We were able to purchase a ticket at a great price reduced from the internet listing.  The agents are at the common stops with wireless credit card chargers in hand. They have company logo clothing on and clearly identify themselves.  They can explain all of the tour options.  We originally planned to get a three hour all inclusive bus tour.  The agent told us that for 2 pounds more we could get the hop on hop off version and be able to stop to see something.  The ticket was good for 24 hours.

These views are from the top of the open bus.  Earphones are included and you are able to listen to running commentary about the views.

Trafalgar Square

 Hard Rock Cafe. Love the red phone booths.
 The little white building with the thatched roof is Shakespeare's Globe.

 The tall pointy building is "The Shard".  London viewing from the top.
Ongoing repairs.
 Nando's (K's favorite!)
 London Eye

 Parlement and Big Ben

 Interesting seat bench.
 Eros in Piccadilly Circus.
 The clock at Fortnam and Mason. (Shout out to Nick and Earl Grey/Lapsong Souchong tea.)

 I liked the tile work on this building.

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