Monday, September 15, 2014

Reykjavik, Iceland - Country Colors (part 2 of 2)

Another meandering river.  I also took this so that you could see the ladders that were often placed over fences.

Chunks of lava covered with moss.
A farm with a greenhouse.
Pretty valley.
Cool  little waterfall.
We started going through an area that had a lot of moss covered lava.

A little bit of road construction.

The moss covered lava continues.
And then all of a sudden the lava flow stops.  There are steam vents.

This is a pipe line for the steam.  More discussion on this when we visit the geothermal plant.
Moss and lava again.
The guide pointed out the little and big stands of trees. School classes plant them and are responsible for them forever.  Pride in the land.

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Don said...

My Great Grandparents Hixenbaugh (my dad's maternal grandparents) had a staircase/ladder so that a person could get over the fence by their house and into the pasture.