Friday, September 5, 2014

London, England - Hard Rock Cafe Adventure

I arrived in London after a direct flight on British Airways from Phoenix.  The driver met me as I left the passport checkpoint, and we started our journey from Heathrow Airport to the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel.  I decided to take out my camera during the drive and snap a few pictures since we were in tangled London Friday afternoon traffic.

This is the Lion at Trafalgar Square.  

I liked this staircase near the Tower Bridge.

I met up with my fellow travelers at the hotel and we started on our first critical mission: Gift Purchases at Hard Rock Cafe London.  We planned to take the Underground.  I had to stop and ask a quick question because I saw a “subway” sign.  “Can you buy tickets at this entrance?” A nice local explained that this was a passage under the streets and walked us in the direction of the nearest Tube stop.  We boarded the Circle Line, and then changed at South Kensington for the Pickadilly Line.  We left the station and found another “subway” to cross the traffic around the Hard Rock Cafe.   

The Arch greeted us! 

The block walls of the subway were etched with military scenes.

Finally, we found the original London Hard Rock cafe.  We put in our reservations and were told that we had a 90 minute wait.  Yikes!  We were starving!

We walked across the street to the Rock Shop to get some gifts and decided to go to a local pub for an authentic pub dinner.  We had some nice pub food, including my order of fish and chips.  

After dinner, we walked back through the subway and took more photos, this time of the tiled wall decorations, and the signs.

Back in the Underground we encountered an escalator under repair and we had to walk the steps, thankfully down.  Movie posters lined the walls of the walkways.  We waited for our train in a delightful old section and were soon on our way.

The nice night view of Tower of London greeted us as we exited the Tower Bridge station as a warm reminder of the adventures that awaited us on the next day.  We returned to the hotel after our long day of travel and our adventures on the Tube to the Hard Rock Cafe.  Satisfied, happy and tired, we fell sound asleep by 7PM!!!

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