Saturday, September 13, 2014

Akureyri, Iceland - Lake M´yvatn and PseudoCraters

Our first stop was to look at the "rootless vents/pseudocraters" in the Lake Myvatn area.  These resemble volcanos but is not actually a vent that spewed lava. They are formed by steam explosions as hot lava crosses water such as a lake.  These are well know examples of this type of geography, other than on Mars.  I am proud that I was able to get myself to Iceland. Good enough.

We had the option to use the facilities and visit the gift shop.

 The pseudo craters were across the street.
 We were able to walk through this area and meet up at the larger hotel and restaurant for lunch with the group.

 You can see some of Lake Myvatn here.  It is a eutrophic lake.  I will look that word up for you.  "Eutrophic" is a body of water that has a high biological productivity.  Green aquatic plants or algae.  From where I stood, it didn't look green so it must have a lot of aquatic plants.  My pool in the summer, on the other hand...
 Clean your muddy boots.
Our lunch was at Hotel Gigur.  The hotel has 37 rooms and a large dining room for 250 guests.  The food was very good.  I liked their brewed coffee, too.  It had a fresh and crisp taste to it.  At dinner I sat next to Aunt Elizabeth and a Croatian woman from California Babo.  She was in her 90s and traveled alone.  When she was younger, her husband decided to raise expensive pigeons and compete.  She said "you raise pigeons, I am going to travel."  So, while he went to different competitions, she traveled the world.  A fun and very active woman, comfortable with her travels and meeting new people.

Tomato and herb soup for lunch.  It was much like a tomato basil soup, but the herb didn't taste like basil.
 I thought that this was salmon, but it is not.  It is an Atlantic fish that is in the salmon family.  Good with vegetables.

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