Saturday, September 13, 2014

Akureyri, Iceland - Hveraröndor Hverir Hot Springs

At the foot of a volcanic mountain are several hot springs known for their changing variety.  The area was filled with mud pools and mud pots.  I occasionally included a person in the photo to give you an idea on the size of these pools.  Aunt E. commented that it reminded her of the smell of the chemical plant in Newell!  The path in this area isn't paved and is just some cleared area on the natural ground.

(Note to Jimmy C:  this is when I began to think that you would like to tour Iceland on a bike.  Wide open spaces and plenty of quickly changing interesting views.)

 Mudpots or mud pools or fumoroles boil with relentless energy.  The strong smell of sulphur was in the air.

Sulphurous mud springs called solfataras and steam springs called fumaroles were side by side.

 Look around the landscape.  Notice that nothing is growing here.

 Steam vents.

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