Monday, September 15, 2014

Reykjavik, Iceland - Perlan "The Pearl"

The Perlan is a landmark building that is built on water storage tanks.  The building is very futuristic.

This is the entranceway.

Inside the space was open with a staircase in the center.
There was an art space in the lower level.  The fountain shot up periodically.

The upper level has a revolving restaurant.  There is also a small cafe for quick drinks.
There is a gift shop in the bottom level with Iceland items.  The fifth level has a gift shop and a Christmas shop.
The upper level is light and airy.  There is an inner walkway and several exits to the viewing deck.

This is the view of the skyline with the tall steeple of the church Hallgrímskirkja.  I didn't get to see this Lutheran Church any closer than this photo but my mother said that the architecture was incredible.  She drove past it. There wasn't enough space for a bus to park.  You can learn more about the church and see photos at this wikipedia site:  Lutheran Church
The photos of the exterior and interior are from the wikipedia page.

This view is from a google search using the church name:

Another skyline view.

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