Monday, September 15, 2014

Reykjavik, Iceland - Sampler

A wonderful country with amazing landscapes and a strong sustainable use of the natural resources..

From the Ship's Official Log Book at the end of the day:
Remaining alongside our berth over night the passengers and crew got to enjoy the highlights of Reykjavik at night.  At `8:05 with all pre departure checks satisfactorily completed and with the pilot onboard the Ruby Princess slipped her mooring lines at 18:17 and sailed out of the harbor.  Disembarking the pilot at 18:34 we then set courses for our Trans-Atlantic adventure.
Weather experienced throughout the daySky: Overcast
Wind: South westerly Beaufort Force 4
Temperature: 12°c/52.6°f
Barometric Pressure: 1013.3 mb
Sunrise: 06:50
Sunset: 19:54

Here is a sample from the day.

These photos are of the geothermal plant. Iceland gets a very high percentage of their power from these types of plants.  The other building is "The Pearl", a hot water storage facility along with a nice viewing platform.  The majority of the hot water for home use and heating comes from plants.  A geyser...and a crack in the earth's surface where the Atlantic and Euro Pacific plates are separating.

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