Monday, September 15, 2014

Reykjavik, Iceland - Strokkur Geyser

It started to rain a little as we got out of the bus.  I couldn't handle an umbrella as well as the camera, so I taped a bag over the camera and took off for the action shots.   The pools were steamy and very hot, with warning signs making it very apparent that you DO NOT want to take a dip in these pools.

Strokkur is a fountain geyser in a geothermal area outside of Reykjavik.  It is one of Iceland's most famous geysers, erupting every 4-8 minutes, 15-20 m high and sometimes as high as 40 m.  It is part of the Haukadalur area with mud pools, fumaroles and other geysers.

I walked around to get a few interesting photographs.
Then I gave a panoramic a try to be able to capture the entire area.

A little bubbly baby geyser in the works.
I saw that the group was starting to form around one of the steamy pools so I walked over and took a few test shots, waiting for the geyser to sprout.  I was not disappointed!

Fun!  Good show.

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