Friday, September 19, 2014

St. John's, Newfoundland - Sampler

The day started with clouds but treated us with bits of sunny light to highlight the colors.  Here is a sample of the day's work.

From the Navigator:
Arriving at the pilot station this morning we will board our local pilot and head in to Saint John towards our berth.  Later this afternoon, with all passengers and crew onboard the Ruby Princess will let go her mooring lines and sail out of the port.  With the pilot disembarked, we will alter our course to starboard leaving Canada on our starboard side as we set courses toward our final port of call New York.
From the Ship's Official Log Book

At 06:45 the starboard pilot ladder was rigged and our pilot boarded ready to assist us in entering St. Johns.  Passing through the narrow entrance to the harbor we altered our courses to port and approached the berth.  First lines were sent ashore at 07:23 and shortly after at 07:46 our 18 mooring lines were made fast and with the gangways landed passengers preceded ashore.  Later that afternoon at 16:45 all our mooring lines were let go and the Ruby Princess thrusted off her berth.  Swinging the bow to port the Ruby Princess sailed out of the harbor once again between the narrows.  Once clear from the port we disembarked our pilot at 17:38 and set our courses for New York.
Weather experienced throughout the day 
 Sky: Overcast
Wind: Westerly Beaufort Force 3
Temperature: 17°c/62.6°f
Barometric Pressure:B1007.5 mb
Sunrise: 06:43
Sunset: 19:05

These are samples of the photos from the day:

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