Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bergen, Norway - Sail In

From the Navigator - “In the morning, the Ruby Princess embarked on her first ever Norwegian Pilot.  Once we had the pilot on board, we began our 30 nautical miles / 35 statute miles (this needs a definition!) journey through the fjords.  We began by passing the Island of Fedje to port and enter into Hjelterfjorden.  Later in the morning, we enter into Byfjorden and pass underneath Askoy Bridge.  As we pass underneath the bridge we have approximately 4 meters / 13 feet clearance between the top of the mast and the bridge.”

We sailed north along the coast of Norway and then turned southeast to enter a fjord on our way to Bergen.  The sun was high enough in the sky to cast a nice light on the homes and boat houses.  The first homes, further away from Bergen were few and far between.  We sailed 35 miles to the international port.

We sailed south through the fjords past towns with names of Seløyna, Tjeldstø and Rongøyvegen.  Bergen is at the southern end.

 A little misty fog.

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