Saturday, September 13, 2014

Akureyri, Iceland - Sampler

What a day!  Travel to Namaskard to witness boiling hot mud pools with dense vapors that cloak the hot sulfur pits at one of the  most active volcanic areas on Iceland.  Dimmulborgir, weird shaped lava formations.  Skutastadir and the large craters on the southern shore of Lake Myvatn called pseudo, or rootless craters.  And the grand finale, Godafoss Waterfall.

More details to come... Oh, and yes, we were able to see the plume from the active volcano about 50 miles away.

Here are a few pictures.  (Note: It looks like the pictures will load...

 Large craters

Boiling hot mud pools

Weird lava shapes

Godafoss Waterfall

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