Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bergen, Norway - Sail Away and Setting Sun

The golden hour magic lighting lit the houses and cast an orange glow.

 Scenes from the Ruby Princess as the sun was setting.

 We will continue westward after we exit the fjord and sail across the North Sea enroute to Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland, United Kingdom.

From the Ship's Official Log Book

At 08:16 in the morning Ruby Princess boarded her Norwegian pilot at the Fedje Pilot Station.  With the pilot onboard we entered the Hjeltefjorden between the islands of Fedje to port and Nordoytani, to starboard and began our 30 nautical mile journey through fjords.  As we approach the port we will pass under the Askoy Bridge.  The bridge is 63 meters/207 feet above the waterline and air draught of the Ruby Princess is 59 meters/194 feet, this will give us approximately 4 meters/13 feet clearance from the bridge as we pass underneath.  It took 2 hours to navigate 30 miles from the pilot boarding area to our swing position in Fyfjorden.  Ruby Princess maneuvered bow into the berth and settled gently alongside where we sent our first line ashore at 10:34.

Weather experienced throughout the day
Sky: Light Clouds
Wind: Westerly Beaufort Force 3
Temperature: 17.5°c/63.5°f
Barometric Pressure: 1020.6 mb
Sunrise: 06:58
Sunset: 20:19

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