Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bergen, Norway - Mt. Floien and Funicular

The most visited of Bergen's Seven Mountains, Mt. Floien is easy to get to using the funicular.  There is a spectacular view of the city and many trails.

The area was kept very clean by staff and visitors.

 Local flowers.
 The steps were nice to sit on to enjoy the view.
 View from the top!

Walls in the area were made of fitted rocks.
 More flowers and berries on trees.

 This is one of the views of the valley.
 Trolls are one of the symbols of Norway and this is a friendly one that stands to greet children as they enter the playground.

 Another view of the city from the top.
 The funicular ride down the mountain.

 The station was nice and there is an elevator for those having problems climbing the 20 or so steps.

 The view out of the funicular window.

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