Saturday, September 13, 2014

Akureyri, Iceland - Introduction to the Town

Akureyri is a town on the northern coast of Iceland and is the second largest urban area.  It is nicknamed Capital of North Iceland.  The harbor is ice free, which played an important role in the growth of the port and fishing industry.  It has a relatively warm climate due to geographical conditions. (paraphrasing wikipedia)  I was surprised by the mild temperature as I thought that it would be colder.  Fall was beginning to set in that the grasses and low plants were golden and orange.

My tour took me outside of the town limits, so there are just a few photos of the townscape as we began our journey.

 Don't know what this is (yet).  Bags of something.

 Animals grazed in the fields (the little brown spots).
 Fields cut and rolled for winter food.

 Technology keeps everyone connected.

 Streams ran through the fields, each one prettier than the next.
 Lava and stone covered with colorful vegetation.

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