Tuesday, September 9, 2014

North Sea - Day at Sea

Happy Birthday to the best son ever!

We were able to sleep comfortably with the gentle rocking of the ship.

From the Navigator:

"Early this morning Ruby Princess entered into the production platforms of the southern sector of the North Sea.  During the morning we will be navigating around many platforms, which harvest everything from Crude Oil to Natural Gas.  During our passage this morning we will have an average depth of 30 meters or 98.4 feet under the keel, which is about half the distance from the keel of Ruby Princess to the top of the mast.  Once we are clear of the production field, we will set course for Norway and our first port of call, Bergen."

Weather experienced throughout the day
Noon Position: 54°06.8N 003°48.3W
Sky: Overcast
Wind: North westerly Beaufort Force 4
Temperature: 14°c/57.2°f
Barometric Pressure: 1020.4 mb
Sunrise: 07:13
Sunset: 20:20

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