Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lerwick, Shetland Islands - Sail In

.01 knots per hour as we approach Lerwick, Shetland Islands.  We have traveled 1001.5 miles from Southampton and 215.6 miles from Bergen, Norway.  After making our way back out through the inner water of Norway yesterday evening, the Ruby Princess set a westerly course through the night towards Lerwick.  This morning the local pilot will board and enter the Bressay Sound as we approach our anchorage position.

The morning is very foggy as we approach Lerwick and I couldn’t see the shoreline from the dining room as I had breakfast.  By the time I returned to the room to get my camera, the fog had lifted and the new destination was revealed.  When I looked at the first side, my thought was that this was a sparse and isolated area.  I moved to the other side of the ship and to my delight there was a town!  

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