Saturday, September 27, 2014

Phoenix, AZ - 2014 Arizona State Fair

Here are my entries for the 2014 Arizona State Fair Photography.  The judges will be hard at work this weekend and the fair opens in less than two weeks.  This post will be updated and resent with results and pics from the display.

These are all works from the past year, reflecting classes and travels from August 2013 - August 2014.  If a ribbon was won, it is noted.  If the work scored high enough to be displayed, it is noted as "displayed" although no ribbon was awarded.

The first four are entered in the "Experimental Division".

Double exposure - Honorable Mention
 Arizona Country Club Fireworks - First Place Blue Ribbon
 International Hoop Dancing Contest - Second Place Red Ribbon
 "That's What Makes Paris Paree" - displayed

These are entered in the Small Color Division.

Muse D'Orsay clock in Paris - Displayed
 A very large Hawaiian Fern Frond - Displayed
 Nellie, Queen of the Monongahela - Displayed.  A copy of Nellie's portrait will hang in her human Tom's home.
 Old Gas Cans in Payson, Arizona - displayed.  A man in Prescott bought a copy of this!  My first "at the Fair" sale.

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