Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wadell, Arizona - Roses and Roses and More Roses

Ooo Ooo Ooo Look at this.
I spent the morning on a photo shoot with Lindsey and Kevin in the Wadell area west of Glendale.  They took me to the local fields of roses.  It was beautiful and we ran from rows of reds to yellows to whites to reds to mixes.

 The fields are located north of Interstate 10 around the 303 new highway.  The sky was a perfect contrast blue and the white clouds added something a little interesting.  I tried several different focal points to try to capture the beauty of a field of roses.  The first section had rows of red roses.
 The yellows pulled us to the next section.

 And then we saw really RED roses.
 These were yellow framed in red.
 And there were some white ones with soft yellow centers tipped in red.


 I turned around to take a photo with the White Tank Mountains in the distance.

I needed a step ladder to capture the sense of the huge fields!

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