Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lerwick, Shetland Islands - Sail Away

We left Lerwick (60 05.57N 0 59.07 W).  The seas were calm and glassy with no waves.  The temperature was 51.8 F.  We have sailed 1,019 nautical miles, 842 to our next port, Akureyri, and 3,743 to New York City.

Lighthouses and high cliff views.  Thank you, Shetland Islands, for a glimpse at your land!

Summary from the Ship's Official Log Book
With the pilot boarded at 06:20 from the ladder on our starboard side the Ruby Princess sailed inside the bay and approached our anchorage position.  The order to "Let Go" the starboard anchor was given at 06:57 and shortly after at 07"39 the Ruby Princess was resting safely at anchor and the first passenger tender proceeded ashore.
Later that afternoon with all our passengers and crew safely back onboard we heaved home that anchor at 17:04 and made our way out of port, disembarking the pilot at 17:20 we then set courses for Iceland.

Weather experienced throughout the day
Sky: Cloudy
Wind: Southerly Beaufort Force 4
Temperature: 14°c/57.2°f
Barometric Pressure: 1022.7 mb
Sunrise: 06:21

Sunset: 19:43

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