Saturday, September 13, 2014

Akureyri, Iceland - Sail-In

Iceland.   I held my breath.  The day had arrived.  I was very excited to see Iceland.

From the Navigator:
"After entering the Arctic Circle last night, the Ruby Princess set a westerly course along the northern coast of Iceland.  Early this morning we altered our course to the south as we made our way into the Fjord.  Hrofssker Island defines the entrance to the Akureyri Fjord.  Continuing south into the Eyjafjordur we will approach the pilot station a few miles from the berth.  Once onboard, the pilot will assist the Commodore in bringing the vessel alongside our berth."
 From the Ship's Official Log Book:
In the early hours of this morning at 00:25 the Ruby Princess crossed over the Arctic Circle in the position 66°16.6'N 015°22.6'W, altering our course to port we continued towards the Fjord.  Heading south into the Fjord the pilot boarded just before our berth at 07:40.  With the pilot onboard we navigated the final section of our narrow passage with first lines going ashore at 08:30.
Weather experienced throughout the daySky: Partly Cloudy
Wind: South Easterly Beaufort Force 6
Temperature: 11.5°c/52.7°f
Barometric Pressure: 1011.2 mb
Sunrise: 06:26  Sunset: 19:48

From the excited traveler:
The Arctic Circle.  How cool is that?  We were scheduled to arrive at 9AM, so we had some morning light to see the land as we sailed in.  I had my early morning coffee in the International Cafe on level 5 with the regulars, Le Mar making excellent cappuccino.  I made my way to deck 16 to take photos.

 Snow remains in September.
 Yet the grasses and fields are very green.  Hints of fall touch the trees.
 The boat with the pilot.
 The brush was beginning to turn colors, and added a color outline to rocky areas.
 There was a brisk wind.  I took a picture of the flags blown straight out to remind myself that it was windy.

 The sky was overcast

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