Thursday, September 11, 2014

Eshaness, Shetland Island - Volcanic Cliffs

The next stop was the Eshaness Lighthouse and the Loch of Haguland, magnificent cliffs. 

Shetland Ponies were grazing by the side of the road.  The driver brought the bus to a crawl so that we could take photos. 

 The road was a single lane. You could see the road across the valley and if there was oncoming traffic, the vehicle had to pull over until the other passed.
 The Eshaness Cliffs: the cliffs are part of the Eshaness volcano.
 The vegetation was unique and varied.

The opening in the sea wall extended back in to the land.  The inlet is called Calder's Geo.

I didn't get in to the right position to photograph it with the sea water. I found this photograph at's_Geo.  Credit goes to Richard Kay

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