Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lerwick, Shetland Islands - The drive to the Northern Point

We gathered in the lounge and moved to the theater as we queued for the tender to shore and our coach ride through the countryside.  We moved through Lerwick and Tingwall.  The town limits soon changed the scenery and the road became a single lane with pullover areas for passing.  We drove across the area Central Mainland and Muckle Roe, past Loch of Girstra.  Sheep dotted the landscape made of solid rock and covered with peat (the result of years of vegetation decay).  There were visible marks in the land where the peat is cut away and used by the locals for heating and cooking fuel.  The large black and white bags stacked in the distance were filled with peat ready to be removed.  Every so often we could see Shetland Ponies.  The coach stopped every so often for photo ops with water, rocks and dramatic landscape.  Turbines graced the tops of hills every so often, generating power from the every present wind.  We crossed Mavis Grind, the area where there is the smallest land between the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.  Every so often we could see out to St. Magnus Bay (on the left side of the coach) although I was on the right side and focused on what could be seen out of that eastern facing window.

This is the path for the day.

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