Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Venice (Italy) - Giudecca (Laguna Tour)

We started the Lagoon Tour by going on the Giudecca Canal the reverse route that we used to make our Grand Sail-In.  The posts on the sail-in focused on the Dorsoduro side of the canal so as we make the make the turn out of the main stream and in to the lagoon, we can now see Giucecca, the island.

The map shows our route.
I am going to ask for patience up front, for me and you, as I try to figure out where this tour takes us. Sometimes I may get lost with no clue on where we are but have interesting pictures to show.  So be it. If you recognize anything, please put it in the comments.  Here is a general idea of the Laguna, just to let you know what we are all up against with these next few posts.  The tiny red arrow shows where we are starting.

As I look from the back of the boat, I can see across the Giudecca Canal and see that very tall clock at St. Mark's Square and the Doge Palace.  There are some boats docked on the left.
 Dock houses kept the boats out of the elements.

This looks like a nice way to arrive at a hotel. Love the striped posts.

 The domed building in the background is a spa and is part of this resort. It is the Pallidio Hotel and Spa.
 The property that we are viewing is "Hotel Cipriani".

 Pool area.

 This is the University of Fine Arts and some sort of ship fix-it place.

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Ginan said...

thanks for sharing! I couldn't add anything about the sites/buildings and sometimes wonder if I was really there too!