Monday, May 21, 2012

Athens (Greece) - Return to the Ship

5/21/2012 - It has been a long day and we certainly have seen a lot of beautiful, new, and amazing sights. Some things were the same, some things were different.  All in all, well worth the trip.

I have no idea where we are at this point. I need to get a camera with a gps on it so that next time I will have the locations of the photos.  
 I looked in google maps to try to find these buildings but I'm not having much luck.  Anyway, they are nice looking. This dome is under repair.
 We approach the passenger terminal and can see the Grand Princess docked and waiting for us.
 The little stores were tempting and we stopped in to pick up some treasures.
 Back on board, I took every thing to my room and then went up to the 15th deck for a snack and to watch the Sail Away.  I wait for the announcements to make sure that everyone in our party is back on board, and then sigh and relax.
 Farewell, Greece.  I enjoyed your sights, sounds and tastes. I wish you all the luck in a speedy economic recovery and I promise to return to visit again.

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