Monday, May 21, 2012

Athens (Greece) – Misbehaving Statues

The tour continued to show us the sights of Athens. 
The department stores lined the street and looked much like the stores seen in a city in the States. 

This is a zoom in on the display window so that you can see how clothing is arranged. 

This “Parisian” style café looks like a classy café that one would see while walking the streets of Paris, but the scene with the two lonely tables on the sidewalk is a giveaway on a non-French location.

Our tour bus stopped for a mid-tour snack.  The bus parked on the side of the building and we disembarked.  I mentioned earlier that we would keep our eyes open for a Metro sign and entrance and we have been rewarded for our efforts.  Here is a marble lined entrance to the underground Metro.

The entrance to the underground system is marked with a sign and logo, and lists the track information to make it easy to figure out where you are, and what you need to do to get where you are going.  Our tour group has it easy…we just have to find our bus.

I thought that this was interesting. If you look closely, you will see two swing gates at the top of the steps.

I stopped and looked at the building façade at our break location.  The exterior is very pretty with wrought iron on the balconies.  The lamppost looks like it was selected to go with the building.  I saw the animal carvings.

This is a close-up on the carvings that are well behaved and doing their jobs.

I thought that this was funny.  The two in the middle are giggling and looking at each other.  How playful!  These are the misbehaving animals.

When I looked at the larger building photo again, I noticed that someone had damaged the lamppost with paint.  Someone other than the animals on the building was misbehaving!
The glass took the main hit.

There are dribbles of red paint down the post.

The group gathered at the front of the building and went inside to see an incredibly beautiful hotel.  Princess Cruises always selects very elegant locations for snacks.

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