Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day at Sea - Relaxation day

5/22/2012 - Day at sea.  Finally a chance to sleep in, rest, and chat about all that we had seen.

We sailed through the night, the "day at sea", and another night, passing Italy on the left side of the ship, and Albania, Montenegro, and Croatia on the right.  Studying the map, I can't tell if Bosnia and Herzegovina have land along the water.  Our course took us from Pireas, Greece, through the Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea, and the Adriatic Sea to Venice, Italy.
 I walked the ship and took some photos.  The beautiful white parts on the ship caught Mom's attention and she pointed them out...needed a photo!

 Enjoyed a latte and a show.

 I was sure to get a photo of two of the staff from Michelangelo.  Sidnei and Tanya.  Sidnei is from Cape Verde.  He explained that this is a country. I learned that the island is off the west coast of Africa and has gained its independence from Portugal.  I was very excited to see the opening day at the Olympics...and see a team from CapeVerde! Of note, Tanya has since found my father's relatives in the Ukraine and I am connected to four cousins!  She is from Lviv, Ukraine and did a fantastic job finding the family.
One last time at my watercolor class with Paula.  Mom said that these photos of my watercolors look better than the actual painting. I have to agree.

It was an awesome day, restful, and we were prepping for the sail-in to Venice.

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