Monday, May 21, 2012

Athens (Greece) - What is sold in a kiosk?

5/21/2012 - This mini-stores, kiosks, on the streets always intrigue me and I strain to see what they are selling.

We continued our tour through the streets during a apparentlly very busy work day. The  ground is still wet from the rain but everyone, pedestrians and cars, are on the move.
 This guard is standing by some sort of building, watching. The advertisement on the top is for the United Colors of Beneton but surely that is not a little mini store!  A global Coca-Cola stand is nearby.
 The ATEbank is sporting a trendy green.  Is this a greeter standing out front?  Or a bank "watcher".

There certainly are a lot of people out "watching" today.  This woman appears to be watching for people illegally parked.  (Should we mention the little car that we saw on the last post?)
 The side streets are narrow, with parking and room for one car.
 A little food stand for a quick bite. Is this woman going to jay-walk???

The next two buildings looks important but I haven't been able to identify them.  It is funny to watch the man in the lower right column walk along beside the bus.  This building has some fancy ironwork and hallway decorations.
A gated court is between the two buildings.

This I saw this one.  I've been looking at the Embassy list, but can't figure it out yet.

I photograph the kiosks whenever I see them, and plan some day to post a comparison between all that I have seen.  Enough of the distance views. Let's get an up and close view of the contents.  And, by the way, what are the guys doing in the back of the kiosk? Checking out the motorcycle?
I took the photos starting from the upper left hand side and moving left to right, top to bottom.
So, let's see what is here.  We have some local newspapers.
Some magazines and guide books.
Some more magazines, and paperback books.
Some DVDs and magazines. Woman on the front but I can't tell exactly what is going on here.
Magazines and puzzles.
Ok, I can read a little here.  Very interesting.  Let's stop while we are ahead!
More to come!

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