Monday, May 21, 2012

Athens (Greece) – Street Scenes on way to Acropolis

5/21/2012 We drove to an area of town that appeared to be a lower rent district.  The buildings were slightly disheveled.
I don't have a lot of comments on what these buildings are called but the general purpose looks like day to day living for the Athenians.

The corner antique shop looks interesting and we can take a peek in the window to see what they have for sale.

This balconies on this building appear to be made of wood. I like the design.

The balconies with all of the greenery seem to always catch my eye.

Here is a close-up.  I don’t know cause of the darkened area. It adds character to the building but would probably look better if it were painted.

The next two photos struck me as funny.  The man sitting at the outside table appears to be in charge of watching. Look closely and you can see that he looks one way, and then the other.  Or perhaps his better half left him to sit while she went to the store shown in the last photo.  No wonder he looks a little anxious.

 This last souvenir shop was right next to the large parking lot for the Acropolis.

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