Sunday, May 20, 2012

Selcuk (Turkey) - Turkman Carpet (Part 2 of 2)

We walked outside and around the school. There were several students working on carpets.

We walked past the offices and in to a side area to see what was in this area. It was May, and the planters were filled with colors. I liked the earth pottery.  This one had a unique shape.
This is the entranceway to the barnlike structures with the students and other looms.
We were briefly distracted by the store.  "Turkish Delight" is a gel candy in a lot of different flavors.  It was expensive at this store so we didn't buy any.
These were coasters in a wide variety of colors.
We moved back in to the barn area.  There were displays of the different plants that are used to make the dyes.  I photographed the descriptions so you can read the plant information.

These containers show the material ground in to a fine material, and the way that the colors are mixed with water and the yarn dipped to absorb the colors.

The resulting colors were very brilliant.
Some were subtle and earthy.
Several students or workers were seated in front of the looms.  Samples of completed carpets were on the floors and walls.
You can see a tall stack of completed rugs stacked behind this girl.  She is closely following a pattern.
The walkway was lined with projects.
I thought that this old wagon wheel was pretty.
I couldn't figure out what the wooden thing was.
These are some of the weathered and worn wooden "tools" that were on display.
I looked in the open door on the side of the building and saw a lot of rugs and carpets, ready for a new home.
This looks like some sort of spinning device.
We had a lot of time to spend at the carpet making demonstrations (and SALES) so I walked back to the center patio and took more photos.  There are more carpets hung on the walls.
We then decided to find the restroom before we returned to the bus. The facilities were new and updated.  This is a nice looking public restroom.
Another view of some wooden tools, accented by new spring flowers.
The roses were in bloom. The buds were so pretty.
I saw this wheel propped up against the wall.
It was about this time that a woman passenger approached me and asked if I was ready to leave.  She was starting a revolt because the driver decided to stop here and stay for a while.  We should have used our time at the other sites.  I guess that people think that all Americans want to do is shop.  Well, we were done. all passengers were back on the bus, sitting, waiting to leave. One man took a taxi back to the ship because he had other plans.  The revolution-starting woman went to find the tour guide and told him that we were ready to go...NOW.  He said that we had a half hour that we could stay there.  You should have heard that conversation!  We left pretty quickly.

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