Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Venice (Italy) - Dorsoduro - Sacca Fisola

We are near the docks as we sail to the end of Dorsoduro.  The map shows this long building as warehousing.

We are at the very west end of Dorsoduro, with Giudecca to our right.

This is part of the University.

Zoom in to the center of the photograph to see San Nicolo dei Mendicoli - an older church with some interesting art if you want to walk this far.

There is some construction work going on in the area.

Someone is out for a tour. Or maybe they are working. I forget that the entire world is not on tour with me.

The end of the warehouse area, nearing the docks.

On the very tip of this end is yet another church, Santa Marta. It's empty and the art has been moved to other churches.  Nothing to see if you walk all the way to this section.  You will see a better photo below.

There is an island on our right hand side, Guidecca.  It has some pretty buildings and we will look at them later.  There are two islands at the far end, which the wikipedia site for Guidecca does not see m to claim.  Hmmm sounds interesting to me.  This first little island is "Sacca Fisola", a man made island that is mainly a modern residential area.  There is one very modern looking church, San Gerardo Sagredo.  It is a stark and square concrete structure.  Check it out here.

This second green island looks pretty, but when you see it from the Google map you can see that there is a barge maintenance facility on the other end.

Maybe I will be able to get a different view on our lagoon tour. Either way, it doesn't appear to have much to offer.

This view is across the end of Dorsoduro and in to the terminal.

Looking towards the mainland at what appears to be a manufacturing area. Marghera is a municipalità (boroughs) of the comune of Venice, Italy. It includes the industrial area known as Porto Marghera or Venezia Porto Marghera. The Municipalità di Marghera, one of the six boroughs of Venice's comune, includes 30,000 inhabitants (Marghera alone includes 17,000 inhabitants). (wikipedia)
The little tugboat is getting ready to help us.

This is a slightly better picture of the church, Santa Marta. It is the building on the left, back end of the parking lot.

Ok folks, let's get ready to watch this big ship dock.

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