Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Barcelona, Spain - La Sagrada Familia Interior

As soon as you enter the basilica, your eyes are confused and don't know where to look.

Wikipedia describes the internal columns, but this really doesn't help me.  There is still SO much to see.
The columns of the interior are a unique Gaudí design. Besides branching to support their load, their ever-changing surfaces are the result of the intersection of various geometric forms. The simplest example is that of a square base evolving into an octagon as the column rises, then a sixteen-sided form, and eventually to a circle. This effect is the result of a three-dimensional intersection of helicoidal columns (for example a square cross-section column twisting clockwise and a similar one twisting counter-clockwise).
The columns...the ceiling...eyes darting left to right, up and down.

I have worked on multiple versions of the photos to try to get the best view of this incredible interior.  This is my most recent one added to this blog post (4/2013)
The interior photos look a little dark.  I may replace them once I learn some correction techniques.

A statue high on the wall on the Passion Facade side.

This decoration was on one of the columns. I think that it is also a light.

There is a lot of symbolism throughout the building.

Temporary seating.

Doors leading to the outside on the Passion Facade.

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