Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Vienna, Austria - Views from Dock to Schönbrunn Palace (Part 2)

[From the bus window]  We continued along the ring road that circles Vienna.

 Not all of the space under the railway was filled with shops.  This area was boarded up, complete with graffiti.

 Bike rental.  The Viennese system is called "Citybike", a public bike rental system that allows you to tour the city on your bike.  There are 120 stations.  There is a 1 euro registration fee, the first hour is free and then there are charges.  More information can be found on this website:

 Another rail station.  The rail line runs at the top and the bottom section is shops and restaurants.

 This is a detail of the art deco railing.

 A very busy intersection.

 Statues in a park.
 I saw several of these play areas.  This one is a basketball court and it is in the section between traffic going one way and the lanes for going the other direction.

 Railway cars

 These clocks are located throughout the city.
 I took this so that you could see the regular (not art deco) railing.
 The bus is approaching Schönbrunn Palace.
 A quick glance to the right to see the railway lines below the road.
 Our bus turns and passes in front of the palace entrance.
 I snapped a few of these photos as a reminder that there is a major bus stop outside of the palace so it would be easy to get here is you were staying in the central area of Vienna.

That's the end of the bus ride.  I need to pack up my cameras and prepare for our palace tour.

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