Thursday, December 10, 2015

Nuremberg - Highlights

These are some of the highlights from today. 

Started off with the uphill walk to the castle. 

I was lucky to be there early before the organized tour groups. The fog blanketed the city below. 

A modern statue that honors Albrecht Durer's painting "The Hare".  More close-ups in a later post.  Durer is a local artist and his home-now-museum is in this area. The three treasure hunters were working off of a list and high fived each other when they spotted this statue. 

Daily dose of church interiors (one of several stops).  

A little seasonal gluhwein on a chilly day. 

Sausages. I'm not hungry now but these are on my list. 

Booths full of seasonal fun. 

Local street musicians 

Very tasty. 

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