Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wachau Valley, Austria - Overview

We docked at Emmersdorf and took a bus to Melk Abbey. It was nice to be the only group touring at the time. The tour guide had to unlock each room that we entered. 

The church at the Abbey was beautiful. It was done in a Baroque style. 

This is the town of Melk from a large balcony. 

Of course the tour takes the group through the gift shop. I was the spokesperson for getting the apricot liquor and sold several bottles. 

We exited and walked up the big stairway to our waiting bus. Off we went to Durnstein. The Wachau area is known for its wine and there are grapevines and huge terraces along the hillsides. 

After Durnstein we rode to Weissenkirchen for a cup (or two) of nice hot Gluhwein and a snack. 

We were entertained with live music. 

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