Thursday, December 17, 2015

Vienna, Austria - Laundry and Internet

I don't know how I would get by without Internet access. I decided to use the apartment washing machine. How hard could that be? I put my clothes in, my wonderful Purex laundry sheet, closed the lid and pushed a button. The washer then began to clank every 30 seconds. No water flowed. I pushed a few more buttons to change settings but no change. Here are my options:

If you don't read German, you see my problem. I decided to try the Google Translate app on my phone to see if it would help. (Machine continues to make a noise but no washing.)

You can see the screen shot below that the translator made a world of difference in understanding the panel. 

But still no functioning washer and no OFF button. So I pulled the plug, 

made a cup of coffee and Googled the make and model number. I found a downloadable user manual!

I read the instructions and the part that I missed was to close the drum door. Drum door? What drum door? Oh, that drum door!
Locked and loaded, buttons pushed and the machine is now fully functional. 

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