Thursday, December 10, 2015

Nuremberg, Germany - Walk to find "The Hare"

I left the Nuremberg Castle and looked at my map to find the way to see a statue that was a tribute to Albrecht Durer's "The Hare" (Der Hase).  Dürer is famous for his painting of a rabbit (Click here to see a photo of the painting) so I was interested to find the statue while I was in the area.

 Coffee, cappuccino, chocolate, and hot spiced wine.  To each there are two options of cakes: apple and cheese.  I read all of that without a dictionary!
 I have an option to take the upper road or the lower road.  Both meet at my final destination. Rick Steves recommends taking the upper road along the base of the wall, and I should have done that.  The book says that you can see the old craftsman homes, two of them, that survived the WWII bombings.
 Add this to my collection of photos depicting what people do with their trash.
 The road runs along the base of the castle.
 The painting on the building was interesting.

 I watched this man for a while and then determined that he was the post man.

 Some shop windows along the way.  A nativity display.
 The entrance to the apartments on the upper floors.  Here is the doorbell.

 "Exit. Keep free".  Don't park in front of the gate.
 The tower and plaza are ahead. The tower's name is Tiergärtnertor and was a main entrance to the city.
 The white building in the middle is the Pilatushaus, one of the few remaining late Gothic period homes in Nuremberg.
 There is a statue of Holy George as a Dragon Slayer on the corner of the house.

Cute things in the store window.  These are frogs with crowns.  I don't know what this means.
A few things to sit around.
 La la la la!!!  These singer statues were elegant.
 Look up and see the apartment windows.
Back to watching the street and the fairly even cobblestones.
 This is a pretty large plaza by the name of Tiergärtnertorplatzes.  This is in an old town section "Sebald", named after Saint Sebaldus.
Hmmm, see anything that looks like a statue?
 Another restaurant.
 I saw a red window above the restaurant, so I zoomed in to get a better view.
 There was a pretty wishing well so I played with arranging it a few times against the background.

 I saw a statue in the distance, to the left of the red car.  This must be my goal.  I stopped taking photos of the well and walked towards the statue.

 At this point I must admit that I had no clue what "Durer's The Hare" actually looked like.
 Well, this is quite interesting...
 There is a little statue in the front.  I bet that this cute little thing is a likeness of the original painting.  I confirmed that by reading the plate on the front of the pedestal.

Jürgen  Goertz's statue is a satiric take on the fluffy little field rabbit.  I doubt that I will ever forget seeing this statue.  I took multiple photographs because I knew that you could not possibly image the statue if I tried to describe it verbally.

Yes, this is a human looking foot sticking out from under the rabbit's paw.
Other rabbits squeezing out of the pen.

Well, I really don't know what to think of this.  It is time to take a coffee break and gather my thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

The statues in Nuremberg were the craziest. Definitely no "fluffiness" to any of them.