Saturday, December 12, 2015

Nuremberg, Germany - City Tour

We had two buses. Green was English speaking and red was Japanese. Here are a few highlights. It was lightly raining so photos through the bus window are a little blurred. BUT, you are seeing things as I saw them. 

Hitler started a building that was like the Rome Coluseum. It was never finished. It was originally intended to be used once a year. 

At the end is a building now used for immigration and it also has the library and artifacts. 

Our guide Camilla was a history student and told it like it is. This is the large marching grounds used by tha Nazi. It is kept as a reminder but also used for concerts. 

We then rode to the Old Town area. The group got off at the Castle. Because I'd been there a few days earlier, I opted to stay with the bus to go down to the market area. Mary from New York stayed on also. Since the market didn't open for 40 minutes, I offered to show her a picturesque spot that I discovered a few days earlier (as directed by Milli). 

We stopped at Starbucks for a lebkuchen (gingerbread) latte and a leg rest. After we chatted and enjoyed, we went our own ways to explore the Christkindlemarkt. 

I had one last Nuremberger with sauerkraut as a farewell to this very hospitable city. 

I wandered through the market and took more photos. Check back later as they are on my other camera. 

I went to the bus spot a little early so I stopped in an espresso shop. I ordered just before the entire Italian delegation from another tour swarmed the shop. 

They taught me "Buon Natale"!

The bus pulled up and off we went, back to the ship to depart for Regensberg. 

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