Thursday, December 10, 2015

Nuremberg, Germany - Tiergärtnerplatz and Wanderer Cafe

I saw a very cute little cafe and decided to stop for a break.  The Wanderer Cafe sounded like just the spot.

I asked the bartender if he created a great cappuccino, and he said that he would try and I could judge.  I also ordered a "lebkuchen" a spiced ginger bread cookie.  This was my first taste of the well known treat.
My cappuccino came on a silver tray with water.  It was too warm in the building for my bundled up attire, so I sat outside.  Notice the blankets on the chairs.  That is very nice!
This cookie is about the size of a fist and is very good. There are variations with chocolate.
I noticed a group of school children, middle school, approaching the rabbit statue.  I wish that I could understand their conversations!
I also noticed (when I was posting this), that you could have another closeup of Saint George the Dragon Slayer.

This apartment house is across the plaza.
A closeup peak at the curtained windows.

I like the large sign for the water closet.
And this is a peak inside a room on the bottom floor.
This man was on a trek.
Here are a few views of the menu so that you could get an idea on prices.  Coffee is about $2.

 Across the plaza is the Albrecht Dürer House. It was built around 1420 and Dürer lived in it from 1509-1528.  The house is now a museum.
The Wanderer Cafe at the base of the wall and the Tiergartner Tower. The name refers to the game reserve of the viscous in the moat.

The tunnel on the left goes in to a garden.
 This is a better view of the Pilatushaus, on the left.  You can see the seven stories.  It is half timbered. I could only find a translated version of the description, so if you want to read more, click here.

I don't know where the doors are but in this area there is an entrance to a network of tunnels under the Nuremberg Castle.  The tunnels have heating and cooling as well as running water.  These tunnels were used to store Nuremberg's art works to keep them safe from bombing, smoke, gas and pillaging.
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