Thursday, December 10, 2015

Nuremberg, Germany - Imperial Castle of Nuremberg (Part 2)

Continuing from the outer courtyard to the next courtyard, the Inner Courtyard.  I walk past the Heidenturn (Heathen's Tower), the large square tower.

The next building (photo below shows the edge of the Heathen's Tower) is the Kaiserkapelle (The Imperial Chapel).

 A close-up of the door in to the chapel. I don't know if this is a main door or a back door.

 So, this photo answers the question. The chapel is on the upper floor and the lower metal door is NOT the main door.

I walked through the big gate entrance to the Kaiserburg (Imperial Castle) Inner Courtyard and these wintering vines caught my eye.

This is the Inner Courtyard.  Straight ahead, the building in the middle, is the Kemenate (The Women's Quarters).

 To the left is the Imperial Castle.

 I did not tour the interior of the Imperial Castle.  I walked in to the ticket office and watched a film about the castle. This is the handle on the door.
 I left the Inner Courtyard.  This is the huge gate and the beautiful door lock.

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