Sunday, December 27, 2015

Phoenix, Arizona - Desert Botanical Gardens Munro Exhibit

Desert Botanical Gardens currently has several installations of light works by Bruce Munro.  Obviously, these are best seen at night.  We went in late December and the tickets were sold out, so order in advance if you plan to go.  There are also some other installations in the Scottsdale area. See the Scottsdale Desert Radiance for more information about other installations...or wait until I show them here.

Bruce Munro's website:

I photographed his work and not a lot of the desert plants.  Enjoy the lights and colors!

The first installation that we saw was "Beacon". It is a dome. The lights are inside plastic bottles.

 These are "Eden Blooms".  The area had about five or six of these. This series of photographs was taken of a single "bloom" as it changed color.

 "Chindi" is a suspended piece.
 This exhibit is "Fireflies".
Here are two examples of "Field of Light".  30,000 individual spheres of gently blooming light nestled on the hillside of the Garden Butte, cascading down on to the Sonoran Desert Trail Loop [text from].

 During Christmas, the DBG puts luminaries throughout the garden and lights some of the trees.  It is very pretty.
 One of my favorite photos from the night.  I forgot that I was doing a long exposure and picked up the camera and tripod.  Swirly whirling lights!
 "Water Towers", where 58 glowing towers grace the garden. [text from]
 This is my artsy take on the colors.
 It was a fun night. The DBG was filled to the rim with people.  Enjoyed it and would recommend a garden walk while the lights are installed.

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Jade Graham said...

We have now come full circle through the garden and back to the real world. This is how the garden looks like in mid spring 2012. It is an Artist's Interpretation of the five basic styles of Japanese Garden, namely STROLL, SCROLL, TEA, ZEN and TSUBONIWA.