Monday, December 14, 2015

Passau, Germany - Christmas Market (Part 4)

I have one more section of the Passau Christmas Market to walk.  

This booth had bird feeders.

This booth sold plain white candles and colored candles, candle holders and everything to do with candles.

 This shop had an interesting variety of items.  The front table had ceramic pieces and incense burners

 These people are "Rauchermann", and these are for cone incense.  Incense is burnt inside and the smoke comes out of the round mouth. These are inventions of the toy makers in the Ore Mountains (the mountains between Saxony and Bohemia).

There were several different colors of dragons, which appear to be incense burners also.  And the bowl behind the dragon holds canned fish.  I know several people who do not have either of these and this may be an idea for next year!
 The next booth had soaps and lotions.

This booth is for the special and original Thuringer Bratwurst.  It is a unique sausage made from finely ground pork and veal or beef, and seasoned with salt, pepper, caraway seeds, marjoram, and garlic.  Sometimes nutmeg, coriander and lemon zest are also added.
 This shop has leather bags, scarves and the most amazing wool shoe inserts that I have seen.  I bought a pair in Nuremburg and was able to keep my feet very warm with shoes that were fairly thin soled. I brought boots, but was warm enough with these inserts that I didn't need to wear the heavier boots.  The wool inserts are in the lower left corner of the closeup view.
 The lower left corner are the inserts. They are about 1/4 inch thick and come in all sizes.

These are nice home boots.
 I am glad that I saw these doorknobs. I needed one for one of my closets at home so I bought one.
 More hats, scarves, and this is the first time that I noticed puppets (see the zoom in photo).

Decorations made from wood.

 There were heart shaped cookies.


I liked this photo with the big white church in the background.

Back to shopping.  More candles and incense burners.

 This shop had a lot of different things made out of wood.  Cutting boards and wooden spoons, toys with dangling legs, and on the back wall there were nativity scenes.

Wooooo, this one is a little overwhelming.  I focused a closeup on three different areas.

 Nativity scenes and separate pieces to create your own unique setup.
 Full nativity scenes are on the back wall.

I moved to the right side of the booth for different views and was distracted by this little set with figures dressed in felt.  Different than anything I have seen, I bought the female one with the rolling pin.

 I liked her pouty face. She now lives in my kitchen!

 Here is another closeup of some angels.
 My walk through the Passau Christmas Market is complete. I need to return to the boat.
 Snacked on my roasted macadamia nuts.
 I saw a nice shop window.  Here is a nativity scene and they are all dressed in the wool clothes.
 And some other items that they had for the holidays.

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