Friday, December 18, 2015

Vienna, Austria - Belvedere Palace Gardens

The Belvederegarten extends from the Upper Belvedere Palace, down a gentle slope, to the Lower Belvedere.

 The gardens are done in a formal French style with graveled walks and jeux d'eau.  Jeux d'eau is an umbrella term for the type of water features introduced in mid-16th century Mannerist Italian gardens and include water chains, water stairs, fountains, cascades, jets, pools and canals.  Pumps were invented and the fountains grew bigger and better.  Where can you find these in the US today?  Think of the resorts in Las Vegas with water shows dancing to music and laser lights!

 The bedding had originally been patterned and then grassed over. The patterns are now being restored.

 The center "stairs" are not for people. These are water stairs that come from the upper fountain.
 A zoom view to see the fountain, the Upper Belvedere with the Christmas tree lights seen through the window.
 Details on the nymphs and goddesses playing in the fountains.

 View to the Lower Belvedere.

 Views from the side walkway with different perspectives to give a better idea of the size of the gardens.

 Hedges at the fountain area near the Lower Belvedere.

 Ornate gates along the side of the garden.

The garden side of the Lower Belvedere.

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