Monday, December 14, 2015

Passau, Germany - Christmas Market (Part 2)

More things to buy at the Passau Christmas Market. I will describe what I can.


Hot chestnuts

 Close up of the products.  Jars of something.
This store sold cheese sandwiches and there was a line!
 This caught my attention, and I was a little hungry.  I photographed her making this cheese sandwich twice so that you can see what she was doing.  There is a large half round of cheese under a broiler.  The cheese melts and she scrapes it from the top on to the bread.  Of course, the sandwich is better with condiments!

 Lunch is finished and I look at the other booths.
 Bratwurst booth.  1/2 meter ones!  That is some big brat!

Looks like soups and breads.


Chocolate covered fruits...I think...

Standing tables for snacking.
 Soaps and fancy smelling stuff.

 The friendly Glugwein (hot mulled wine) booth.

A local store nearby with pretty glass decanters and ornaments in the window.

 Back to the Market booths.  These are "schneeballen" and I have no idea what they are. So when in doubt, google it.  Wikipedia says that these are "Snowballs", a pastry made from shortcut dough and sprinkled with powdered sugar.  I should have tried one!

This shop sales the houses that go under the Christmas tree.

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