Friday, December 18, 2015

Vienna, Austria - Daily Overview

The rain drizzle had stopped over night but a low fog hung over the city. My iPhone weather app said that the sun would come out midday.

I walked almost a mile to the Belvedere Palace to see the Klimt exhibit. You couldn't take photos of the artwork, but they had an enlargement of "The Kiss" for people to take selfies.

This view of the Gardens is from the back window.

I wanted to use the elevator but couldn't tell if the sign meant "people don't get in the elevator."

So I opened Google Translate to read the sign. Oh! This is the same sign by every elevator that I get on.

I finished all three floors in the upper Belvedere and decided that it was time for a snack break.  I had an espresso with foamed milk and a piece of apple strudel. And a lovely view.

After my snack break I walked through the gardens to the lower Belvedere. There was a special Klimt exhibit (as if the other one wasn't special enough!), along with two other artists. No photos allowed, except in the common central rooms and hallways and gathering spots. This is one of the ceilings.

I walked through the entire lower Belvedere and looked at all the paintings and drawings and sketches. And then walked the half mile towards the apartment and a new-to-me café (coffeehouse), caught my eye. It was still foggy and chilly. I decided to have a late lunch and then eat dinner at the apartment.

This is a Sacher hot dog. With gravy! And a side salad. 

The waiter put a breadbasket at my table. I thought that it was included with the meal a.k.a. USA style. But no. It was an additional cost and he charged me for two even though I ate only one. I paused and asked for my second little loaf of bread to go. 

There are more photos that I will post showing the gardens and the Belvedere area. See you later!

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